The Focus for the Spring 2017 Scholarship is: STRONG WOMEN

The Scholarship was created to help empower women through education.  It is awarded twice a year and the applications for the Spring Semester of 2017 are currently being accepted.  The focus of the Scholarship for this award period is: STRONG WOMEN!

Rosie the Riveter is more. More than a picture, more than a poster, more, even, than a single woman’s story: Rosie is an identity. She stands as a cultural icon representing millions of American women who stepped up and took over work that had, prior to World War 1, only been done by men.

Rosie is also my self-proclaimed alter-ego, my personal superhero, my “not-so-secret” identity. I love her because she represents the can-do approach that strong women take when confronted with a problem.  Rather than focus on all the reasons why they couldn’t or shouldn’t, the women Rosie represents simply did. The actions of EVERY Rosie who stepped up inspired a social movement that impacted our history and culture, and changed who we are as a nation.


The Scholarship is open to all female students enrolled in an accredited college or trade school. will award one $500 scholarship per semester (spring/fall) to the student who writes the best response to the following idea.

In your essay application, please address this topic:

What does it mean to you to be a strong woman? Give an example of a strong woman who has impacted you.


Students must be enrolled in a 2-year, 4-year, graduate level or certification program.

All entries must be a minimum of 500 and maximum of 1000 words. Diagrams, schematics, illustrations and photographs may be included as supporting documents.

By submitting an essay entry, you are giving consent for publication of part or your entire essay on the blog.  Requests for anonymity will be honored if made at the time of submission.

All entries must be submitted no later than February 1, 2017


The scholarship winner will be announced on the blog, and the scholarship funds will be dispersed
pending confirmation of enrollment.