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Update on Adila: Spring 2016 Scholarship Winner


I love following the progress of the individual women who are recipients of the Poshified.com scholarship. I celebrate the things they are doing to impact the world.  It is another example that anything is possible and TOGETHER WE CAN!

Below is Adlia Wahdat’s update on how she’s doing and what she’s been able to accomplish with the help of her Poshified Scholarship. The things she’s been doing are nothing short of Poshtastically wonderful!

It has been a year since I was named as a poshified.com scholarship winner. I just wanted to take a moment and thank Poshified for choosing me as one of the 2016 scholarship winners.

2016 was a year full of adventure.

One of the highlights was my Antarctic journey, which happened in March 2016 with the explorer, Robert Swan, who was the first person in the history to walk to both the south and north poles. He chose me to be the very first Afghan (male or female) to travel to the Antarctic. He and his team awarded me a full scholarship to attend the Leadership On the Edge Program,  a Youth Leadership Expedition to Antarctica organized by Robert Swan’s 2041 Foundation.

Going to Antarctica was the most life-changing travel experience I have ever had. Most importantly the program taught me how I can personally fight climate change by taking some basic steps.

After attending this expedition and visiting Antarctica (the most amazing place on earth!) I decided to think about the environment each time I shop, eat, and travel. By the time I returned from Antarctica I found myself a 90% vegetarian, which I never thought would happen. I’m so proud of that decision. I started shopping locally, recycling, and avoiding plastic bags and other packaging. I am committed to live in a way that causes the least harm to our environment.

Becoming and Advocate for Change

Since my return I have become an advocate for climate change at my university. The Expedition empowered me by broadening my worldview and raised me up to an all-new level of courage that I share with other young people.

I see myself as an advocate for climate change and I would like to continue raising awareness about how to protect the environment through talking to other people and writing about it.  I keep reminding myself, as well as people around me, that we have a responsibility toward our environment.

Adila Wahdat
Email: adila.wahdat@emu.edu


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