Yaasss Queen Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme


3 fl oz / 89 mL

Hello, blue blood! You’ve always known you were royalty and now it’s time to start treating yourself like the queen you are. Give your hands the royal treatment with this scrumptious little hand crème. Crafted from a variety of healing oils, Yaasss Queen is the perfect addition to your royal court. Coconut oil crowns your hands with moisture, softening dry skin while vitamin E defends your royal highness from free radicals.

Command dry skin to bow down to apricot kernel oil—a natural moisturizer with antioxidant qualities. This easily absorbed  non-greasy ingredient will keep those queenly hands clean, delicate, and thoroughly pampered while glycerin, a naturally occurring compound, helps reduce moisture loss. Pamper skin with this royal treat to leave your hands looking healthier than ever!

Yass Queen’s sensual fragrance is an elegant mix of fresh raspberries, rough leather, earthy patchouli, and velvety rose. This royally adorned bottle will help you reign over dry, itchy skin with confidence and efficiency. Your most loyal subject, Yaasss Queen provides much-needed moisture for all climates and kingdoms. So don that royal robe and take the throne, princess. Coronation starts now!  

Wildflowers, sweet fruit, and woodsy musk and amber

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