Rico Guave All Mixd Up Fragrance


2 oz / 57 g

Looking for the perfect pampering product? Meet Rico Guave, a fine new All Mixed Up fragrance from Perfectly Posh. Rico is one attractive bath salt; his smooth scent combines the distinct aroma of ripe guava with the spicy tang of white ginger, creating an exotic fragrance so delicious, you’ll want to eat it up.
Pour this mixture of mineral rich sea salt crystals into a bathtub full of warm water to create your own at home hot springs with anti-inflammatory benefits. Sea salt is so effective at reducing inflammation, scientists say it may even soothe the pain of arthritis (http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/347308/Salt-baths-ease-the-pain-of-arthritis-say-experts).
Mr. Guave’s formula also contains maltodextrin, a starch based ingredient that softens skin. Don’t worry ladies, like all Perfectly Posh Products, Rico Guave has no gluten or soy. He’s also completely vegan and contains no added artificial color.
Want even more skin benefits? This exotic hunk delivers with tocopherol, more commonly known as the antioxidant powerhouse: Vitamin E. Rosemary leaf extract is soothing and adds another layer to Rico Guave’s antioxidant benefits while sunflower seed oil seals moisture into skin. Feeling the urge to soak your night away? Grab Rico Guave settle down into a hot, luxuriously scented bath with skin smoothing benefits. Your search for pampering perfection is over.
Suave guava and smooth white ginger
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