Plum Luck Skin Joy Body Butter


8 oz / 227 g

Break out the retro games; it’s time to don your detective badge! In this game of Clue you’ll need to figure out who killed dry, flaky skin. You need all of your wits about you to finish this mystery. You know the crime scene smelt of warm clove, spicy cinnamon, and just a hint of ripe plum. Jinkies, another clue! Take note of the soft skin and touch of cocoa butter left behind. The game’s coming to a close, have you figured it out? Soft skin made from cocoa butter, fragranced with clove, cinnamon, and plum. Who’s the culprit? Professor Plum in the bedroom with the body butter. Dry skin’s dumb luck finally runs out with this lucky plum professor.

Warm, spicy clove and cinnamon with a hint of plum

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