Let Me C All Mixd Up Effect


1.75 oz / 49 g

Feeling baked from your day on the beach? Worn out from all that fun in the summer sun? Let Me C what Perfectly Posh’s All Mixed Up Bath Salts can do for you! This pampering effect contains sea salt to transform the bathtub into your very own soothing sea. Ride the waves to a paradise of smoother, softer, healthier skin with ascorbic acid, a potent and well researched form of vitamin C that absorbs easily into the skin. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C has been proven to help protect your sensitive skin from harsh UV rays, especially when combined with vitamin E. Its mild skin lightening action can help turn back the clock on sunspots.

But that’s not all this potent ingredient can do. Vitamin C is so powerful, it can even reverse the effects of sun damage. You’ll never suffer from skin scurvy with this anti-aging powerhouse. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the development of collagen, a material essential to firm, wrinkle- free skin. Let Me C also contains pure and natural rosemary extract and sunflower seed oil. Like Vitamin C, rosemary has antioxidant properties. Sunflower seed oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and creates a barrier on skin trapping in a sea’s worth of moisture. Priced at only $24 for a set of 6, All Mixed Up Bath Salts are a summer steal. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

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