Lemon Wedgie Lip Scrub


.375 oz / 10.6 g

Shh! Can you keep a secret? Lemon Wedgie’s secret recipe was inspired by Harry Baker’s very own chiffon cake. This delectable lip scrub is a blend of creamy butters, delicious flavor, and course, sugar granules. Combined, these ingredients make Lemon Wedgie so yummy it’ll start a rumble in your tummy. So warm up your lips and apply this generously; it’s time to bake up some lovin’!

We’ve added shea butter to our sugar formula to whip your pout into shape. With repeated use, Lemon Wedgie can make your lips as soft and moist as the perfect Bundt cake. Its cocoa seed butter further hydrates while combating free radical damage. Sweet almond oil relieves itchiness, irritation, and dryness. Mildly scented, this special oil conditions, nourishes, and moisturizes skin.

The beeswax in Lemon Wedgie takes the cake when it comes to health benefits. This miracle ingredient is a natural moisturizer, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant agent. It helps dry lips retain water without clogging the pores around your lips! And,  of course, we’ve added sugar for a sweeter smoother smile. Frost that lovely pout and reap the benefits of exfoliation. Sugar scrubs remove dead skin and add color back into tired lips.

Use Lemon Wedgie three to five times per week and watch as this lemon chiffon scrub leaves you with a pout so desirable you’ll want seconds.

Sweet lemon chiffon

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