Hey, Bae Snarky Bar


6 oz / 170 g

Hey Bae, how about a hot bath with a snarky twist? Soothing chamomile, sweet red clover honey, and invigorating green tea combine in our new Hey Bae Snarky Bar’s fragrance for a scent so beautifully blended, it rivals the perfect cuppa.

Like any good pampering partner, Hey Bae is both smooth and sassy. It combines gentle moisturizers with extreme exfoliators. The result: a bar that’s sure to become your main shower-time squeeze.

Hey Bae’s owes its super smoothing powers to the dynamite duo of gentle sugar crystals and polylactic acid beads, small sphere shaped beads naturally derived from starchy plants. They may be small, but don’t underestimate these little orbs Bae. Their shape, size, and the sheer number of them in our snarky bar makes them both powerful and gentle. Combined these two ingredients equip our Hey Bae Snarky Bar with some potent exfoliating power.

But this super scrubber isn’t a one trick pony. Like any well-rounded pampering product, Hey Bae is multi-talented. This snarky bar shows its sweet side with multiple moisturizing ingredients. Shea butter seals in moisture while calendula extract acts as an antioxidant and promotes healing (http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/calendula).

With ingredients this amazing, you’ll want to grab your bae and get snarky!

A harmonious blend of chamomile, green tea, and red clover honey


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