Flower Child Skin Stick


.5 oz / 14 g

Kick off your shoes, let down your hair, and skip through the nearest meadow—Mother Nature is calling! Our new Perfectly Posh Flower Child skin stick is the perfect way to heed her call without actually taking a trip to that cabin in the woods. This hippy stick creates happiness with one simple swipe. Crafted from softening shea butter, conditioning argan oil, healing beeswax, protective grape seed oil, and refreshing rosemary extract, Flower Child is the perfect fit for nature lovers everywhere!

Healing shea butter effectively reduces skin inflammation and irritation. Rich in vitamins A and E, this natural butter softens and soothes dry, flaky skin. Argan oil acts as an anti-aging, conditioning agent. Full of vitamin E, phenolic acid, carotenes, and essential fatty acids, this native Moroccan oil is celebrated in the beauty world for its ability to deeply moisturize skin and hair.

Flower Child also contains beeswax an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant super-ingredient. Beeswax effectively attracts and retains water without clogging pores. It’s all natural healing properties will have you singing kumbaya.

Reduce swelling and other skin ailments with grape seed oil. This amazing ingredient protects the elasticity of the skin while increasing collagen production. Grape seed oil also guards against sun damage while rosemary extract tones, cleanses, conditions, and effectively fighting the damage caused by free radicals. Conveniently small, this easy-to-use stick is effortlessly portable to keep you looking flawlessly natural. So don your flower power crown, tap into your inner hippie, and become one with nature with Perfectly Posh’s newest skin stick.

Light, sparkling floral blend

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