Dawn on Me Daytime Facial Oil


1 fl oz / 30 mL

Arise from your coffin, you nightwalker. Let’s see how your fair, sunless skin handles the morning dew. Since Stephanie Meyer’s modern twist on the garlic-fearing, blood-sucking, nighttime creeper, fangirls everywhere dream of the day when the Cullen clan comes walking into their high school cafeteria. Perhaps there’s another way to find your perfectly sexy man. Dawn On Me facial oil provides all of the perks of perfect vampire skin without the burning pain from the bite. Start off your day right by donning this lightweight facial oil before makeup application. Filled with natural, botanical extracts, this oil is a little bit of immortality in your own special bottle. Hydrate and soothe your beautiful face; the perfection that follows is as sharp as bloodthirsty fangs. There’s no need to suck the blood of the boy in your biology class. You can have smooth porcelain skin without adopting the title of serial killer. Leave twilight behind and wake up to the morning rays as you start your own epic love adventure with the sexy teen heartthrob in your life—undead or alive.

Lime, rosemary, and clove essential oils; vanilla extract and ginger root

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