Blacklisted Sugar & Blackberry Body Scrub


9 oz / 255 g

Shhh! Can you keep a Posh pampering secret? We’ve created a skin smoothing product so intoxicating, it’s Blacklisted! This new sugar scrub’s forbidden fragrance combines tart blackberries with smooth and sultry vanilla extract to create a scent is so enticing, you’ll want to head straight for the bathtub (and close the door behind you)!
Blacklisted is made with natural exfoliators like sea salt, sugar, silica, and of course blackberry seeds. These granules gently scrub away dead skin to leave you feeling sexy and smooth. It also contains nonfat dry milk. Like the milk in your fridge, this ingredient has hidden beauty benefits. Milk contains small amounts of lactic acid, which means it provides gentle and natural chemical exfoliation that can help decrease the appearance of dark spots.
Blacklisted also contains hydrators to keep your freshly scrubbed skin soft long after you leave the bathtub. Glycerin and honey act as humectants, moisturizers that bond with water to keep your skin healthy and safeguard it against the heat of summer. Blackberries act as a potent antioxidant to protect skin from daily exposure to damaging free radicals.
What are you waiting for righteous rebel? Say no to the pampering veto and get Blacklisted. Because self-care should never be off limits!
Rich, musky blackberry and vanilla


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