Beach Blanket Body Scrub


9 oz / 255 g

Get wrapped up in our new Beach Blanket Body Scrub. Its unique fragrance combines tropical and tangy scents with warm, comforting notes to create a fragrance perfect for your next beach bonfire. Coconut and citrus to take you seaside, where cool ocean breezes blow across your sun-warmed skin, while warm vanilla bundles you in the softest of terry towels.
This body scrub is packed with a picnic of physical exfoliators to ensure that skin stays soft and smooth. We’ve brought the beach to you with the addition of exfoliating sea salt and silica, one of the primary components in sand. Beach Blanket also contains sugar and coconut shell powder to ensure you leave the shower flake free. Humectants, like glycerin and honey bond with water molecules to trap moisture in skin while coconut oil acts as a skin softening emollient. Honey and coconut oil also have antibacterial properties to keep your skin clean and refreshed. But we didn’t stop there! Our formula also contains panthenol, a derivative of vitamin B5, to nourish skin and attract additional moisture. Tocopherol acetate from vitamin E provides antioxidant benefits. Combined, these potent, pure, and natural ingredients leave your skin beautiful and beach-ready.
So gather some driftwood, start a bonfire (or maybe just the bathtub), grab our Beach Blanket Body Scrub and have a perfectly Posh summer night.
Soft citrus, creamy coconut, and sweet vanilla



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