You Had Me At Aloha Sugar Body Scrub


9 oz / 255 g

Aloha, bathing beauty, and welcome to a world of skin so smooth it feels like a Hawaiian paradise. Our new sugar body scrub, You Had Me at Aloha, is filled with a myriad of exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients and a tropical fragrance so sweet, you and your skin will feel like you’ve taken a trip to islands.
You Had Me at Aloha contains four different physical exfoliators (five if you count the raspberry seed!). Sugar beads and sea salt scrub away flakes as they dissolve, while silica and loofah fibers from the luffa plant tackle the really tough stuff. Pineapple adds a little extra enzymatic exfoliation, leaving you with smooth and silky skin.
But You Had Me at Aloha doesn’t stop with getting rid of dead skin, it also contains multiple moisturizers that provide hydration long after you rinse. Glycerin and honey (You Had Me at Aloha contains both) are what’s known as humectants, meaning they bond with water molecules and draw them into the skin’s surface. Honey and Hibiscus seed oil act as antioxidants, combatting the free radicals your skin is exposed to daily, while jojoba oil sinks into skin to soften and moisturize. Pineapple fruit extract contains enzymes to soften skin.
With You Had Me at Aloha’s amazing ingredients and tropical fragrance, you can say goodbye to dry skin and hello to Posh island pampering.
Sun-sweet pineapple and vibrant hibiscus blossom


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