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My comments today are directed to the people at Parents magazine who I feel have unfairly and inaccurately characterized me and others who have chosen to create income in the same way I have.  Even if you are a friend or a family member, you may have questioned why I am doing what I am doing or you may have looked down your nose at me because my choices don’t fit the traditional model you are used to and you thought I belonged in that bucket too.  To be clear, I am not concerned with your approval rating in this department, even though I love and care about you very much.  What I am concerned about is making a difference, having a positive impact on the lives of others.

I’ve decided to share my story, not because I am worried about what you think; but because others need to feel good about the efforts they are making to accomplish their goals.  To my teammates and comrades at Perfectly Posh, please know that I believe with all my heart that YOU can do anything you set your mind to.  You DESERVE it!


To the people at Parents magazine:

Allow me to introduce myself…  I went to the university of my dreams on a 4-year academic scholarship.  I earned the right to be there and I worked hard to succeed.  Perhaps I was motivated by my inner “righteous rebel.” Maybe I wanted to to prove the gentleman wrong who told me when I left home for college that I was just going to go and get snatched up by some guy and secure my “Mrs-degree” before anything else.  Clearly, he did NOT understand my hopes and dreams to become a doctor.

Fast forward 4 years… I graduated Cum Laude in the College of Biology with a Bachelors of Science in Zoology, Pre-Medicine at a time when women were a minority in the sciences.  So my peers were pre-dominantly male. Within the final year of my bachelors studies, I made an important decision, one that resulted in GREAT personal anguish. I made the decision NOT go to medical school. Medical school was everything I had dreamed of and everything I had worked for.  But something inside of me knew which choice to make. I could not do things just because they were tradition or expected as part of a tract, or even because it was what I thought I wanted.  I have always had to do things because they were RIGHT for me. And medical school wasn’t right.

Instead, I chose to pursue a Masters in preventive medicine.  Six weeks before graduation and a month before defending my thesis, the most amazing miracle happened: a beautiful and perfect baby girl was born to my husband and I.  With my previous perspective being turned on it’s head, all other accomplishments (including my graduate degree) paled in comparison to my newest title of mother.

For twelve years after my husband and I finished our graduate studies, I was a stay-at-home-mom.  Let there be no question, there were days and times when my curious and active mind yearned for stimulation and fulfillment.  So, the crazy crafts and creative projects were always on at my house!  I needed to be busy, mentally, as well as physically.  I didn’t lose my intellect, nor my drive after birthing and raising 4 children.  Quite the contrary, parenting was the ultimate learning experience!

One year in our young family’s lives, the challenges and trials we would face became bigger than the resources we had.  Our daughter was diagnosed with OCD. Watching her battle that ugly, heartless monster everyday was the most emotionally challenging experience I have ever had.  I couldn’t fix it.  I couldn’t make the monster go away.  Reasoning and rational thought stood no chance with this monster.  And the resources available to us to help her were pitiful.  Even though my husband worked in the medical field, our health insurance coverage in California would not even give us access to these limited resources. I needed to go to work to expand the resource pool.  So I did.

People told me that I would be a great pharmaceutical rep with my science background and communication abilities.  But I was also warned that it was incredibly difficult to break into this field and I should plan on about a year to 18 months of effort to make it happen.  Still, I threw my resume out there and my hat in the pharma ring.  Six weeks later, after flying to several interviews in locations all around the country, I had 2 competing offers for pharma jobs come in on the exact same day.

I spent eight years with the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world building a successful career.  My kids loved to tell their classes at school that their mom sold drugs out of the back of her van.  They’re as righteously rebellious as their mother!  And it was totally true!  When the tailgate lifted on my Dodge Grand Caravan, cartons and cartons of medication samples and pharma paraphernalia was revealed.  I earned local awards, regional awards, and national awards at this company.  For the first time, a company took my husband and I on all-expense paid awards trips.  My husband was even able to go deep-sea fishing off the Florida coast. We even went on a cruise, gratis of the company.  My success in the field led to promotions and advancements, opportunities to learn, grow, train and do other things with the company.  I quickly found myself in a management development program and a specialty sales role, which would mark success for any other employee.  But for me, there was unmistakable discontent.  I found myself on the road more, my “territory” taking me further and further from my children more frequently.  But a Righteous Rebel doesn’t just go with the flow!  They make the RIGHT things happen!  So, I took a step down, out of specialty sales, to a job share position in Idaho.  The slower pace was great for our family!  And the cost of living in Idaho made our decisions manageable.  Family photo circa 2012

Two years after moving to Idaho to slow life down, my husband and I took a trip to Yosemite to cross “hike Half Dome” off our bucket list and celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  Half-DomeI carried my cell phone the day we hiked mostly out of habit, but also because it had become my timepiece and I wanted to watch our pace.  Just as we were reaching the granite staircase, which would lead us to
the cables to summit Half Dome, there was a small clearing in the trees; and it was there that my cell phone rang.  My manager was on the phone and asked if I could talk.  I politely explained that he was aware of the fact that I was on vacation with my husband celebrating my 20th anniversary because I had cleared it with him before we left.  He persisted and asked me to hang on while he got someone else on the phone.  It was there, facing Cables on Half Domethe granite staircase and cables, that I lost my pharmaceutical job.  The irony was that I was a highly paid success story for this company where I had earned many awards and was known for my ability to turn a tough territory around.  In fact, for one of the drugs I was selling, I was ranked #2 in the nation at the time of my dismissal.  And yet, I was merely a number to this company, an expensive number.

My husband was understandably upset by the call.  But the Righteous Rebel in me saw the novelty as well as the irony in it all.  How many other people could say that they lost their job on the top of Half Dome while celebrating their 20th anniversary?  And I was oddly at peace.  Perhaps the calm was a testament to my faith in a loving Heavenly Father who had always provided and sustained us prior.  Or perhaps it was a witness to the bigger picture and things more important – things that had led to other righteously rebellious decisions in the past, decisions that defied logic to the rest of the world.  Either way, I made the decision that I would NEVER be a number for corporate America again!

This is what led me to a career in an industry that many view with skepticism and derision, a career in direct sales, with a business based in my home.  The Righteous Rebel saw that there was more to this picture: I had been so blessed with education and opportunity and training and it was time to give back, to leverage these blessings for others’ benefit.  I felt an inner drive to create success for others, to help them obtain the resources they needed for their families, to allow them the freedom and flexibility to earn in a way that worked for their family situations.  The direct sales industry is the ONE industry where you get paid to help others succeed.  And most importantly, I felt the mantel of advocacy – to advocate for women, to empower them, to help them see that they could do anything they wanted to do. I wanted to help them accomplish anything they needed to.

I’ve been blessed in that no one has ever told me I couldn’t do something (Not that it would have made a difference).  No one said, “You’re a girl, you can’t go to medical school.”  No one said, ‘You just beat out 95% of the men in your graduating class, you HAVE to go to medical school now.  You’ve come this far, you have to do it!”  No one said, ‘You can’t have children. You HAVE to get a job and have a meaningful career now that you have a graduate degree.”  No one said, “You can’t step back from success in your career, it just doesn’t make sense.”

I believe in my very core that I can do anything I set my mind to.  And I did!  Every woman should have that opportunity to do the things that are RIGHT and best for them in their situations.  This is why I am a Perfectly Posh consultant, to help other people achieve their goals and create the success they need according to their circumstances.

This success doesn’t need to be the same for every consultant.  Some simply need two hours of adult conversation and socialization each week. Others, need $500/ month for a car payment and insurance.  Others need only $300/month to save so they can fund Christmas for their children.  For others, it needs to replace a full-time income.  Some need the possibility to create this income while still being present in their home with young or disabled children.  Almost universally, my teammates need this to be an effective way to create income without overhead.  I said this opportunity wouldn’t be REAL for me until it produced over six-figures annually for me and my family (because that was what my pharma job produced).  It is so much more than REAL!  I’m not sure if we should measure REAL in multiples, but we could!  I realized later that it wasn’t REAL until it could be replicated by others that I teach and train – until they could create the income that they wanted or needed.  It is REAL!

So many believe that legitimate businesses must be run from an office away from the home or require expensive start-up and overhead costs?  What about the incredibly sticky video of the woman who bought the Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s and then posted a video with her hilarious and contagious laughter about it from the Kohl’s parking lot?  Did you see it?   Kohl’s certainly saw it and they recognized her influence on their market!  The follow-up video of the Kohl’s staff delivering thank-you gifts to the woman and her children offers documentation that we live in a world with a new currency and new operating protocols.  In this new market we trust people sitting in their car laughing their heads off at a noise making Chewbacca mask because they are REAL – REAL people like you and like me, not stuffed suits in uncomfortable shoes behind granite counter tops.  Them, we do not trust!  So, when you see me in crazy outfits or with one of my face masks on my face with my friends, remind yourself that there is a new reality and you are part of it!

Pinnacles crazy SLCIMG_1726






For several months in a row now, my little home-based soap and lotion company has produced sales of over $1M/month, totaling $4.4M since the start of the year.  By the end of this month, it should be close to $5M.  How many patients do you think I would have to see as a doctor to produce that kind of volume in my productivity?  Yeah, I didn’t think it was feasible either!

Do I make an income from the millions of dollars worth of Perfectly Posh products that my teammates sell every month?  You bet I do!  In fact, I do in much the same way that I was paid to educate doctors about pharmaceutical products so that they would prescribe the drug I represented for the patients it would benefit.  I saw myself as a patient advocate when I worked in Pharma.  I would go into an office and speak for the patient that needed my medication.  And I would speak in a language that the doctor understood.  Today, I advocate for a different type of suffering patient.  I advocate for the woman who takes care of everyone and everything else in her world before she takes care of herself.  I advocate for the exhausted mother who faces the decision of whether to take a warm bath at 11:55pm or to go change the laundry one more time for the day because it will put her one step ahead for tomorrow.  She always changes the laundry.  She is the glue that holds her family together and often an office, a school, or a company too.  And she deserves the products our company sells because they are good for her body, mind, and spirit and they have been developed so that she can afford them.  And every time my customers “refill” their Posh products, I make money on that sale, again!

I help people improve the quality of their lives through the products I share with them; and I help them improve the quality of their lives by mentoring them as they work towards accomplishing income objectives.  Is that not legitimate work?  Perhaps it’s not what you’d expect someone with advanced education and a successful career to do.  But, if you knew me, really knew me, and the Righteous Rebel inside me, and if you understood my business for what it REALLY is, you might not be shocked at all.  You might even find that’s it’s a perfect fit.

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  • Mia Lawson says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I, too, am a highly educated woman working for this little soap and lotion company. My law practice does not give me the same gratification and satisfaction that I get from being a Premier Leader with Perfectly Posh. And I am proud to be in your lineage and have you as an example of what this “job” can be for me someday.

  • Lynne Denne' says:

    Brava! Brava!

  • Sasha says:

    Amazing as always, Tauscha! Great response!

  • Amber says:

    Thank you ?

  • Michelle B says:

    Love this and you! I’m amazed at how awesome this company is and the sisterhood that we all get out of it. I always thought I was happy at my career and there are times I still get that joy but it’s becoming less and less as I’ve found my happiness with Posh! Love this story.

  • Denise says:

    I love this and I love you!! That is all!!!

  • Kirsten says:

    ” She is the glue that holds her family together and often an office, a school, or a company too.”

    So true, so true.

  • Connie Odgers says:

    Congratulations for standing up for who you are and for the opportunities you give to others.

  • Malia Kimbel says:

    Oh WOW your amazing young lady..I love your passion and you love for life as it is..God bless you, Malia Kimbel..Washington State..a new Perfectly Posh consultant..

  • Keli Kerr says:

    I feel even more blessed to have been given you as my mentor. You are amazing…if even half of what you have is contagious, please share! What an inspiration on never giving up. I am literally brand new but more excited then anyone can imagine. You were such a blast and a pleasure to talk to I felt so motivated not only to succeed but to help make this team an even better success, yeah, little old me….hey, I am a fireball. Nobody tells me no, that I cannot do something because I will just prove them wrong double time. Thank you for sharing your story and again for your amazing welcome, I hope to not only exceed my own goals but make you proud to have me on your team as well!!!!

  • Rayna Duenas says:

    Aloha Tauscha! I’m here in Hawaii and have a couple friends that have joined PP recently. I stumbled across your blog while doing some of my own research on the company and its founders, etc. I haven’t been to a Posh Party yet, but planning to this coming Friday. In regards to this specific share, THANK YOU. I really enjoyed reading about your journey and your “WHY”. It brought me smiles and inspiration. Though I am not a consultant, and may or may not be, I am compelled to share this with my friends who are. I feel they would very much appreciate it as much as I do. Many blessings!


    • Aloha Rayna! Prepare to fall in love with the Posh products!!! Have fun at your party on Friday! And take full advantage of the opportunity to touch and feel and try all the products!

      And thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. My business really is all about the people and the amazing relationships I have with both customers and teammates. You represent one of the amazing people (blessings) Posh has filled my life with!

  • Tauscha,

    I’m in awe. What you write and say speaks to my heart. I do not have the education that you do, far from it. To coin a phrase from a movie, “What I do have is a particular set of skills…”. You see, I spent a lot of my time either in the Army or working for DoD contractors in Procurement. So, it’s not the education you have, but what you do with the God given talent he has bestowed upon you! I’m so happy to be party of this journey and although I am not in your downline, I do hope to meet you some day!

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