If you are here then you probably know what Perfectly Posh is, but in case you don’t Perfectly Posh is a company with a focus on pampering yourself and living a posh life, even if it is between meetings or daily errands. The posh life isn’t out of reach for anyone anymore, and better yet, if you love the products as much as we do, then you could even come away with some extra cash in your pocket!

Did you know Perfectly Posh is bringing new consultants on board every single day to help spread the word about our amazing, life-changing products? You can start your own business TODAY! And we here at Poshified would love to be your guide into the fantastic world of running the show yourself, getting paid to use the products you love and would use every day anyways, and come away from the whole experience being looked to as a leader and a role model!

If that’s all you want to know then please enter your email to the right and we will be in contact shortly to set you up with everything you could possibly need to have a successful, fun, and powerful journey along your way to becoming POSHIFIED!

If not, we’ve got six amazing reasons below that you should at least let us know you’re thinking about it, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have! Either sign up on the right, of keep on reading below!

1. You’ll get everything you need!

Perfectly Posh lets you choose one of our themed Kits to start building your business. Products vary slightly each month. Click on the links below to see exactly what to expect.

Starter Kit

Double the Posh

Double the Posh Kit featuring two each of some of our newest and most popular products. Double the Posh lets you start with one pampering product for you, and one for your business!

Lots of Posh

Lots of Posh Kit features a broad selection of our most popular and best-selling products. It gives you a BIG variety of pampering products to use and share.


Regardless of which Kit you use to start sharing pampering products, you can be sure you’ll receive more than $250 in products, a great exclusive, and tons of really helpful tools that include:

  • 25 Posh Papers
  • 25 Order Forms
  • 25 Blank Business Cards
  • 25 Pampering Invitations
  • 5 Sample Packettes
  • 5 Sample Spoons
  • 5 Hosted Envelopes
  • 3 Sheets of Printable Labels
  • 10 Love Posh? Be Posh. flyers
  • 10 About Posh flyers
  • The Ritual: Consultant-only face mask
  • The Polka-Dotted Getting Started Guide
  • Logo’d T-shirt
  • Perfectly Posh Tote
  • Protégé Pin
  • Perks Cards


  • Free, unlimited access to Prep Academy Training
  • Free, unlimited access to The Box for business resources
  • Free, unlimited access to your Virtual Office
  • Free access to Posh Portal, and business tools website
  • 3 Months FREE – Personal Website*
  • 3 Months FREE – Share Poshing Platform*

*Free for your first 90 days. Just $10 per month (total) thereafter.

Posh Portal

The Posh Portal is where we offer you things that help promote and grow your business.

You’ll Find

  • Catalogs, flyers, and order forms
  • Pre-packaged samples and other containers and labels for simple product sharing
  • Use and instruction cards for products
  • Posh wear, bags, and other swag to dress for success
  • Car decals, business cards, and other items that can be personalized for YOU

The Posh Portal gets new items each month and each week featured items will be on sale and link to a training so you know how to use it all.

Posh Portal items can be added to any individual order or the Hostess cart of any party order. There are no additional shipping charges for items added to your volume orders. Orders containing only Portal items also ship for just $5. Perks are NOT accrued on Posh Portal items, however, they may be purchased with your Perks. Customers cannot view or purchase Posh Portal items. They are only visible and available to Consultants.

2. You’ll get exclusive deals!

Each month, we welcome new Consultants and say thank you to their sponsors with an exclusive product. Take a peek at the fun item you’ll receive when you join or enroll someone this month.


Each month, we’ll introduce a new product that will ONLY be available to new recruits and their sponsors.

The Ritual

As an Independent Consultant at Perfectly Posh, your FIRST order of business should be joining us in “The Ritual”.

The Ritual is a fun, PINK face mask that you only get in your Starter Kit. It helps you celebrate joining Posh and show others that you deserve to be pampered with products made from the best ingredients on earth. It demonstrates that you are proud to wear and share them.

Participating with us is easy:

  1. Put on your Ritual facemask
  2. Snap your pic all pinked up
  3. Post WHY YOU ARE POSH on our website:

Pamper It Forward

While you’re there, you can see lots of other amazing women and their stories.

Welcome to our pampering pursuit. We’re so glad you’re with us.

3. You’ll meet amazing people!

Meet and share with amazing people who love pampering, just like you. Spread the word about your business and the awesome products we offer, and earn more Perks when those you share with place an order.

Social Media

4. You’ll be prepped for success!

There’s lots of help when you start a Perfectly Posh business. We offer great training and rewards for participating and hitting key goals.

Prep Academy


Props are a combination of Perks and other goodies you earn by completing sales and recruiting goals in your first 30, 60, and 90 days. You can earn just one, two, or all three. One month’s numbers roll into the next, so you’ll accumulate Personal Volume (PV) and Recruits. Miss one of the Props? No worries, you can still earn the others. We want to reward your success with Perks that can be used to purchase product and tools. And, if you simultaneously complete the business requirement and the Prep Academy requirement, you earn the Academy Bonus prize and more Perks!

NOTE:Your Perks will be applied to your account within 2 business days following the day they are earned. Your pin, certificate, and bag are MAILED to the address on file in your Virtual Office. Please allow at least three weeks after earning your Props to receive your certificate and pin via USPS mail.


Complete The Prep Academy training in your first 90 days and earn MORE Perks!

What is the Prep Academy

The Prep Academy gives you great basic, foundational business training for FREE. Each day for 30 days, you’ll work through a short training and answer a simple question at the end. After your 30th day, there is a training every 5 days through your 90th day. When you complete these in your first 30 / 60 / 90 days and earn your Props simultaneously, you will DOUBLE your Perks. That means MORE points to spend on Posh products and tools—just for completing your training.

To earn your Props and Prep Academy bonuses, your trainings and recruiting goals must ALL be met by your 15th, 30th, 60th, and 90th days, so don’t delay!

Tuesday Training

Each week, we also have a short, “Grab & Go” Tues Training. Check it, and take it with you to get simple, timely tidbits that help you be more successful. Share ideas, win prizes, and contribute! It’s a great way to get support in your business.

5. You’ll get tons of awesome rewards!

We love rewarding our Consultants for their hard work. When you achieve goals in your training, when you purchase products for yourself and your business, when you escalate your business to higher levels, we reward you!


When you purchase products for yourself or your business, you are rewarded with Perks Points. These points can be redeemed for other products, used to buy business tools, or can be saved for special products which can only be purchased with points. Points are not earned on business tools.


When you reach a certain level in your business (sales and recruiting), you will qualify for one of our incentive trips. New York, Paris, the Caribbean – you can set your sites on a goal and join us for another Posh adventure!

6. You’ll get paid to use the products you love!

Posh pays on your personal commissions each week, plus bonuses each month. Share the products you love, reward your customers with Perks, and then get paid. It’s a great thing to own your own business. You get to decide where it will go!

Pay Plan

Experience the freedom, flexibility, and fun of a Perfectly Posh business. If you’re looking to share with a few family and friends or if you’d like to build a lasting, full-time income, our Pay Plan rewards you generously. Get paid on your sales and your team. Grow your business YOUR way.

How is my commission check calculated?

The most important rule is: Your Rank, Their Title. To calculate how much you earned on the sales of Consultants in your downline, you simply need to know your Rank for that month and the Title of each of your Frontline Consultants. You are paid on the Team Volume (TV) of each of your Frontline Consultants.

What are TV and CV, and what is the difference between my Team and my Company?

Your Company includes you and every Consultant in your downline, regardless of their titles. YourCompany Volume is simply the total PV for all Consultants in your Company.

Your Team includes you and every Consultant in your downline who is not a Premier or in the downline of a Premier. Therefore, your Team Volume is simply the total sales volume for all Consultants in your Team. If you have not yet reached Premier, and neither has anyone in your downline, then your Company and your Team are the same. TV and CV only become different when someone in your downline promotes to Premier or above.

What is PV and how does the retail price of an item and its commissionable volume relate?

PV stands for Personal Volume. During any month, it is the total of your personal commissionable sales. This includes anything you sell to customers or buy for personal use. At Perfectly Posh, the commissionable value of an item is equal to its retail price. For example, if you are making 20% commission and sell $100, you earn $20—plain and simple.

What is QFC?

Qualified Frontline Consultants (QFC) are your personal recruits who sell 200 PV or more in a month.